Advertising campaign in VR halls and games

High traffic and engagement

More than 2 000 visitors

Monthly at each location

More than 39 locations

Throughout Russia and world.
More to come in 2018.

                            50 games a day

50 games a day

Per location on average

Maximum capabilities for advertising your product.



On rear and side walls
of the game cube.
Brand the entire location or just a part of it — there are plenty of possibilities for cooperation.


Located on the exterior side of the cube, these make your ads visible even to passers-by.
Broadcast videos advertising your brand.

VR content

We can integrate your brand into game content.

The player can become the protagonist of your movie or test-drive your car in virtual reality.

We also run out industrial simulators (IndustrialVR) for personnel training: modeling of complicated situations and emergency. In our portfolio there are simulators for the CSPC (Central Suburban Passenger Company), which already successfully train drivers and ticket inspectors.

We create virtual showrooms for real estate: we give the opportunity to see the finished apartment in VR, when the house is still being built. Our clients are practically all TOP-builders.

We encourage the enjoyment of culture by the masses. We immerse the "player" in virtual world of the artist, letting him feel the principles of his creativity. And this is just the beginning of a big way to the ArtVR project.

Joint activities

Joint activities

We can run tournaments, contests, and any other activities with the purpose of promoting your brand.
We can organize events of any scale and embody the boldest ideas of your creative team.

A few real figures

19 Cities

with VR Halls around the world

39 VR Halls

Throughout the world. By the end of 2018 - even more.

351 Information TV sets

Total area of 319 m2

117 Banners

Total area 1 579 m2

2 000 visitors

More than 2 000 visitors monthly at each location

We value solid partnerships

We provide discounts and are open to discussing exclusive contracts with advertising agencies with large and regular order volumes.

PlayVR makes
your boldest ideas
and objectives come true.

We will consider your ideas and help develop
a creative concept to integrate them in virtual
Send us a request for developing a creative concept
or get in touch with us: