Neurogaming became the main supplier of the biggest VR attractions park of Europe | PlayVR

Neurogaming became the main supplier of the biggest VR attractions park of Europe


Neurogaming, a leading developer of virtual reality technologies and content, announces its partnership with “Teleport” - the biggest VR attractions park in Europe. The park was launched on December 21st in the “Green city” mall in Minsk, Belarus. Its overall floor space is 1400 sq. meters; no other park throughout Europe can boast equal size. By the franchise agreement, Neurogaming supplied PlayVR and PolygonVR gaming arenas. “Teleport” park invested over 500 thousand USD to get Neurogaming franchise; total investments to the park creation exceeds one million USD.

Neurogaming installed two PolygonVR gaming arenas, each of them holds up to 6 people and teams of 5 vs 5 gamers can act simultaneously in that space. PlayVR is represented by three locations per 4 gamers each. Up to eight people can be simultaneously connected in one game. Teleport guests are offered the full menu of PlayVR and PolygonVR gaming content that comprises over 30 breathtaking VR games, 15 of the are Neurogamong in-house development. In addition to gaming areas, the park offers VR education area, gaming simulators, café and attractions area for kids.

PolygonVR is a multiplayer gaming arena. Full-body tracking technology allows users to enjoy freedom of movement, interact with people or objects and get live feedback from those, who are watching them playing. Today PolygonVR is the only VR gaming platform that can connect several gaming arena’s in real time, no matter how far they are located from each other - in different countries or even on different continents. That turns VR battles into massive gaming action and gives its users an inimitable experience. It is the future of E-sports.

PlayVR offers gamers an advanced VR experience and cutting-edge content, the platform runs intensive action games and mind-blowing cognitive games. In total PlayVR offers more than 25 VR games for families and single players suitable for every age starting from 4 years. PlayVR bestseller games include the World of Tanks VR,  RevolVR 2, Alpha CentaVR, Beat Saber and many more. Today PlayVR is a cross-continental LBE network with locations in Belarus, UK, Netherlands, Spain and USA. In the nearest future new locations will be launched in Saudi Arabia, Canada, Germany and Kazakhstan.

“Teleport can be called the attractions park of the future. It has huge territory fully equipped with every possible type of VR games for any age. That is a perfect place to have a great time for friends, families and single players”, said Yury Krylov, CEO of Neurogaming. “The fact that our gaming locations formed the core of Teleport park, proves that we do offer cutting edge technologies and the best ready-business solutions for global VR industry”.

About Neurogaming

Neurogaming is a leading developer of innovative virtual reality projects. Headquartered in Cyprus, the company has offices in Amsterdam, New York and Moscow. Neurogaming’s core business is the development of multiplayer VR technologies supported by easy-to-handle cloud-based location management platform. The company product portfolio comprises 12 proprietary VR games. It also owns a VR LBE network. For more information please visit

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