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Neurogaming presents RevolVR 2.0


Neurogaming presents RevolVR 2.0 The world’s famous VR shooter sequel will be launched at IAAPA 2018 Neurogaming, a world-renowned virtual reality technologies and content developer, announces the sequel of its celebrity game RevolVR. The game was totally recreated starting from scratch: now it has new characters, new weapons and completely new game design. RevolVR 2.0 premiere will take place at IAAPA Attractions Show in Orlando, Florida (November 13-16 2018). Neurogaming team have completely reworked its famous virtual reality shooter RevolVR. The game has two new characters – Agent and Ninja. Popular heroes from the first version of the game - Sheriff and Voodoo - now look absolutely new. Each character has its own unique arming with breathtaking shooting visual effects and gun reloading animation. All of them can shoot with both hands. The overall RevolVR design is redrawn from the very beginning, promising its players a totally new gaming experience. RevolVR 2.0 has three gaming locations: Graveyard, WildWoods and Zero Gravity. Each location has its own distinctive features – routes, hiding places and different objects. The length of gaming round is set manually. Up to eight people can simultaneously play per arena. “RevolVR is the most successful virtual reality game in PlayVR product portfolio. Now we launch its sequel with totally new game design and characters”, - said Yury Krylov, Neurogaming CEO. “As it is one of the best VR games for team playing, we believe RevolVR 2.0 will become even more popular and will gain an army of fans around the globe pretty soon. With this game we intend to hold the biggest ever international VR gaming tournament!”.

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