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PlayVR launches two new gaming locations in St. Petersburg


Neurogaming, a leading developer and integrator of virtual reality technologies and content, broadens its LBE network and launches two new gaming locations in St. Petersburg, Russia. Breathtaking PlayVR shooters, quests and arcades are now available in “Mega Dybenko” and “The Grand Canyon” malls.

New gaming locations will have the full range of PlayVR games, including the update of highly popular VR shooter RevolVR2 and such bestsellers as “World of Tanks VR” and Alpha CentaVR. PlayVR offers gaming content for all ages starting from 6 years and up. The portfolio of PlayVR games comprises over 30 games, and 16 games out of them are Neurogaming’s  proprietary development.

“Everyone likes to play VR games. This is a kind of entertainment favorable for every age and type of company. People come to PlayVR alone or together with their friends and families and each time immersion to VR gives them truly vivid impressions”, - says Yury Krylov, CEO of Neurogaming. “The launch of new locations prove that our gaming content has great demand, which is the best compliment for Neurogaming team!”

PlayVR is an international LBE network that actively grows its presence throughout the world. The network extends through launching its own locations and through franchising. PlayVR today has 21 gaming locations in USA, Spain, Russia, Netherlands, UK and Belarus. In addition to that the company owns the biggest VR attractions park in Europe called VPARKCITY.


About Neurogaming

Neurogaming is a leading developer of innovative virtual reality projects. Headquartered in Cyprus, the company has offices in Amsterdam, New York and Moscow. Neurogaming’s core business is the development of multiplayer VR technologies supported by easy to handle cloud-based location management platform. The company product portfolio comprises 12 proprietary VR games. It also owns a LBE network that is comprised of PlayVR and PolygonVR. For more information please visit 

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