PlayVR is Europe’s largest
network of virtual
reality halls

We use the most advanced
hardware and release a
new game every six weeks

We have launched a VR version
of one of the world’s most
popular games, World of Tanks

We held the world’s first VR
tournament with a prize
of $20 000 for the winner

What is virtual reality

A world artificially created by a computer.

People perceive it as real as it involves almost all their senses. In-game sensations are transmitted through sight, hearing, and touch.

In virtual reality, you can create any world, from a lost island to a spaceship engaged in an interstellar war.

How it works

Meet VRParkCity — one venue to rule them all

Russia’s largest VR event site


9 000 square feet

Where you can fight pirates, stop a zombie apocalypse, or play with your favorite cartoon heroes.

Hosts up to 130 visitors

And is perfect for celebrations and big companies.

The most badass VR hardware

Will become your trusted weapon in your virtual fights.