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Alpha CentaVR

Action, Quest
40 min.
Game duration
Players count
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Take the assay to return to reality. Navigate between puzzle locations, use hints. At each location there is an artificial intelligence — a talking flying sphere. You need to get to the heart of the cube and destroy it to get into the real world, or stay in the cube forever.

Four volunteers get inside the cube, and it won’t let them out easily. To return to the real world, they will have to pass all the tests. The players move between puzzles/locations and can use hints if they are stuck on one. Each location features an AI in the form of a talking hovering sphere. The players have to get to the core of the cube and destroy it to get back to reality — or stay trapped inside forever. Gameplay features: 5 different locations, 12 different puzzles, players can see each other in the game, players can interact and communicate with each other, players can use a hint on their left hand, the time to complete the quest is limited and displayed on the watch

The game is available at «Claustrophobia» quest company. Tickets are available at