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Shooty Fruity VR

10-60 min.
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The hit VR shooter! Service with a Smile… and a Shotgun!

Shooty Fruity — the hit VR shooter that combines hilarious job simulation with high-octane action! As the newest Super Mega Mart employee, destroy hordes of mutant fruit in deliciously sweet combat whilst doing your day job. With stacks of guns and loads of deadly fruit ripe for destruction, this is the funniest, most addictive way to play VR. Blip blip! Bang bang!

  • Frantically scan, serve and pack whilst shooting guns to defend your supermarket at any cost!
  • Fire your arsenal into the ripe, fleshy bodies of your fruity foes — from gatling guns and rocket launchers to assault rifles and flak cannons!
  • Rise up the ranks to take on new hilarious jobs and unlock even more powerful weapons!
  • Score big in the leaderboards to show your friends and rivals who really is the Most Valuable Employee!